Boy's Hostel :
A 'Home' away from home for the purpose

Eligibility Condition :
For those students to whose parents/ guardians are in transferable jobs or
living at a place outside Kanpur where there is no provision for proper education or are living abroad.

Spacious Dormitories :
The Boy's Hostel complex is designed and constructed in a well planned
manner to provide the best facilities and a pleasant ambience.

Nutritious Food :
The students are provided with a wholesome and nutritious vegetarian diet.
All meals are cooked and prepared under the supervision of the Hostel staff in the Kitchen.

Constant Care and Guidance :
The students live in the hostel under the constant care of a Hostel Superintendent who lives on the same floor of the building.

Health Care :
A health record of the student is maintained in the school through medical
check up. In case of serious illness the parents are informed immediately and the student is given medical attention.

The School has its own medical inspection room and infirmary. The height
and weight will be recorded and reported to the parents with the period order
report. Visiting physicians and specialists at least once in a year carry out
general medical eye and dental check-up.


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